Native "Know-How"

Here you will find informative articles written by our Master Gardener and Board member Susie Reutling.

2015-2016 Articles

  • April 2016: Lignum vitae
  • March 2016: Hmm, good question!
  • February 2016: Neonicotinoids; what are they?
  • January 2016: Soil, what soil? Do you have soil? I don’t have soil……….! and The leaves on my plant look funny; they’re lime green with dark green veins
  • December 2015: Don’t forget our feathered friends!
  • November 2015: I've been thinking about Monarchs
  • October 2015: Coontie and the Atala Butterfly

2014-2015 Articles

  • April 2015: Snowbird Information
  • February 2015: Salt: the good, the bad and the ugly
  • January 2015: Mashed potatoes, anyone? How about some candied yams?
  • December 2014: Poinsettia in the Keys?
  • November 2014: Let's have a cuppa ...... Coffee?
  • October 2014: Why, oh why, is the lowly Buttonwood (Conocarpus erectus) so, well, lowly?