Flowers and Fruits of the Garden

Click on a photo to view a larger image. All photos in this gallery have been provided by Beryn Harty. View what's currently blooming and fruiting in the Garden.

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Alabama Swamp Flatsedge (Cyperus ligularis)
Alligator Flag (Thalia geniculata)
Autograph Tree (Clusia rosea) fruit
Autograph Tree (Clusia rosea)
Bahama Nightshade (Solanum bahamense) fruit
Bahama Nightshade (Solanum bahamense)
Bahama Senna (Senna mexicana) fruit
Bahama Senna (Senna mexicana)
Bahama Strongbark (Bourreria succulenta) fruit
Bahama Strongbark (Bourreria succulenta)
Bahama Tabebuia (Tabebuia bahamensis)
Bahama Wild Coffee (Psychotria ligustrifolia) fruit
Bahama Wild Coffee (Psychotria ligustrifolia)
Bandana of the Everglades (Canna flaccida)
Bay Cedar (Suriana maritima) fruit