Past Events at the Garden

Recent Events

Toddler Time (12/31/2099)
Locals Free Day (12/31/2099)
Monthly Plant Sale (12/31/2099)
2017 Speaker Series (5/13/2017)
MIGRATION MANIA & EGG HUNT 2017 (4/8/2017)
GardenFest 2017 (2/12/2017)
Speaker Series: How the Keys Environment Affects Gardening (12/10/2016)
Wine Bingo at Vinos (12/7/2016)
Speaker Series: The Garden Looking Forward (12/4/2016)
Key West Recycles Day (11/19/2016)
Wine Bingo at Vinos (11/2/2016)
Screaming Green Halloween (10/29/2016)
Exotic Plant Removal at Indigenous Park (10/22/2016)
Education Fundraiser at Mangia Mangia (10/18/2016)
Wine Bingo Fundraiser (9/28/2016)
Birding & Wildlife Fall Migration Mania (9/25/2016)
Snail Count (9/10/2016)
Art in the Garden (7/31/2016)
Plant Sale at the Key West Tropical Forest (7/16/2016)
Speaker Series: Medicinal Uses of Plants (6/25/2016)
Speaker Series: Using Native Plants to Attract Pollinators (6/16/2016)
Speaker Series: Medicinal Uses of Plants (5/19/2016)
ECO Educational Cuba Trips (5/10/2016)
Speaker Series: Birding Basics (4/23/2016)
Earth Day (4/22/2016)
Speaker Series: Birding in the Florida Keys (4/21/2016)

Archived Events