Our Mission
The mission of the Living Laboratory program is to have each and every student personally and actively engaged in thought provoking conservation minded lessons which also are aligned to the Sunshine State standards. Our learners develop an awareness of the land, our resources and our unique biodiversity. Although we cover the state mandated benchmarks we do so with hands-on interactive activities that promote field investigation and personal conscious ethical thoughts and discussions. We are developing environmentally conscious learners!

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2014 - 2015 Events & Program Dates

October 1 Mangia Mangia Edudation Department Fundraiser - More Information
October 25 4th Annual Screaming Green Halloween - For the 6th year, the Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden hosts A SAFE TRICK or TREAT HALLOWEEN for the community educating our youth in a fun, or scary, way to save the environment with examples of recycled items for costumes, decorations, games and activities. There will also be a costume competition, the ever popular bounce house, games, food and more.
April 2015 (TBD) Migration Mania - For children of all ages who like birds and butterflies. The Garden, with its green canopy and fresh water ponds, provides a welcome rest and refueling stop for migrating birds. Birders have long flocked to the Garden, but this light-hearted event imparts valuable knowledge to the uninitiated about natural phenomena while entertaining with arts, crafts, games and an egg hunt.

Education In The News

UCF Intern Program: High School

In partnership with University of Central Florida, the Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden hosts two weeklong UCF Intern Programs, the first in December and the second in March. The program results in invaluable field study, documentation, identification, inventory records, presentations and promotional materials for the Key West Botanical Garden. More information to come!

The Living Labratory: K - 5

The Program is a collaborative effort of the Key West Botanical Garden and the Monroe County School District, which serves over 3000 children.

Our program actively involves students. Students become “scientists” and collect information to answer questions about the world around them.