Key West Art Garden, April – July 2012

The 2nd annual Key West Art Garden blends sculptured art with Mother Nature that enhances both.  The Key West Art Walk showcases local artist’s art work made mostly out of recycled materials and displayed as part of nature within the beautiful grounds of the Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden.  More than 17 pieces of art are on display throughout the garden through July 2012 allowing visitors to reignite their sense of exploration through the garden to find each treasure, appreciate the workmanship in the natural setting around it.  The Key West Botanical Garden’s collection of native plants and species is the perfect venue to enjoy nature and art.  Artists include Lois Giffen, Jackie Sanchez, Jim Racchi, Robert D’Antonio, Richard Cook and Katie Turax Alexander to name a few.

Established in 1935, The Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden is a 15 acre habitat presenting over 450 native plants, with birds and butterflies to complete the visual package.  Located at mm 4.5 off College Road, it offers 8 self-guided tours that include 2 butterfly gardens, 2 wet-land habitats, Cuban Palm exhibit and a hardwood hammock.  It is an outdoor facility so wear your sunscreen and be amazed.

Guide To The Exhibition:

1. FREENOTES, Harmony Park Outdoor Instruments, Richard Cooke
2. Dragon Family, Lois Giffen
3. HEADRESS, Lauren P. McAloon
4. FUSION #4, Katie Truax Alexander
5. Mobius 2, Jiwan Noah Singh
6. 5 PERSONS, Katie Truax Alexander
7. Mobius 1, Jiwan Noah Singh
8. SKY/WATER, Jim Racchi
9. COMPASS TWO, John Boone
10. PULSE, Jackie Sanchez
11. WALKING COUPLE # 2, Jim Racchi
12. VIEW 2010, Markus Baenziger
13. ISOLATED SHOWERS, Jackie Sanchez
14. RATIO, Jackie Sanchez
15. SNAIL PROMENADE, Lois Giffen
16. ARC, Jiwan Noah Singh
17. BLUE SAIL, Robert (Bob) D’Antonio

NOTE - If you are intrested in purchasing any of the art shown in this exhibit, please contact the artist directly.

About The Artists

Jim Racchii
727 Poorhouse Lane
Key West, FL 33040
305 923-0175

#8 - SKY/WATER, painted steel: Asian inspiration about the horizon line where water mirrors sky.
#11 - WALKING COUPLE # 2, steel: Young couple seem to be in a hurry to get back to their cruise ship before it departs.

The creator of Sculpture Key West, Jim Racchi’s finds interest in sculptures that can be viewed from all sides. Once explained his work as fourth dimension, his works tend to be tactile evoking the sense of touch. He finds inspiration in nature and conveys balance and order through his pieces.

Lois Giffen
305 743-3546

#2 - Dragon Family, powder coated steel
#15 - Snail Promenade, painted powder coated steel

Lois Giffen came to the Florida Keys in 1988, following nearly thirty years spent overseas. She had been a plein aire painter for forty years before turning to sculpture, and has always been inspired by the light and movement of the natural world. At present, she is happiest working in welded steel, which allows her to fuse her love of color with three-dimensional form. Her works express balance, serenity, playfulness and joy. She believes that inspiration is never so pure as when it springs from the creative child within us. The whole purpose of artistic mastery is to allow that child to play.

Jackie Sanchez
9 Arbutis Drive
Key West, FL 33040
305 296-3387
305 393-3430

#10 - PULSE, Steel, $1500
#14 - RATIO, Steel, $1500

An artist her entire lifetime, taught art at a local middle school until 1992. After retiring, began active participation in local art scene where she began her longtime fascination with metal works through her studio. Her works have been shown in many local galleries and for the 2nd year at the Key West Art Garden. “Pulse is the repetition of forms as a pulse is a repetition of beats or an echo is a repetition of sounds getting softer and softer the more the echo repeats... Isolated Showers is a quick rain shower isolated from the clear day on each side of it.  Ratio is the relationship of curved line to curved line to curved line in the work.”   Jackie S.

Robert (Bob) D’Antonio
30262 Poinciana Road
Big Pine Key, FL 33043
305 304 0724
305 304 6005


Bob D’Antonio came to the Keys in 1972 and never left. First as a commercial diver and part time musician morphed into a creative spirit within steel sculptures. Over the last 20 years, Bob and his wife Susann create 3-D fabric covered steel costumes for Fantasy Fest that won numerous awards. His work can be found at Artists in Paradise Gallery on Big Pine Key and runs his custom frame shop, Framing in Paradise.

Katie Truax Alexander
305 304-6486

#4 - FUSION #4, Re-claimed & new steel with clear coat
#6 - 5 PERSONS, Reclaimed bicycle parts

Katie Truax Alexander came to the Keys in 1985, working as a graphic artist, and, for the past 14 years, as a metal sculptor, bringing to her work interests in science, science fiction and a passion for collecting junk.  Her artworks appear to be ancient, yet at the same time futuristic.  She was awarded an Anne McKee Artist Grant in 2008.

Jiwan Noah Singh
914 560-6799

#16 - ARC, Wood
#5 - Mobius 2, metal
#7 - Mobius 1, recycled metal

Jiwan Noah Singh borrows heavily from craft-based functional construction media, including classical boat and shelter building and creates abstract, curved shapes from rigid materials which encourage an exploration of familiar forms and structures stripped down to their most basic elements of construction.

Lauren P. McAloon
305 394-5339


Copper, wood, stone & lamp elements

Lauren McAllon has called Key West home for over 20 years. A studio artist and staff member at The Studios of Key West, she is recognized widely for her site-informed / site-specific installations and sculptures.

Richard Cook
Freenotes Harmony Park Outdoor Instruments
Sculpture Key West


Music instruments from recycled materials.

John Boone
Sculpture Key West

#9 - COMPASS TWO, Sand blasted granite

Since focusing on studies at Pratt, NYU and Parsons School of Design in New York City, John has panned out into al areas of the arts where words, in various simple and common manifestations, have been the main ingredient.

Markus Baenziger
Sculpture Key West

#12 - VIEW 2010, Cast Bronze

Beginning with the concept of a tree, Markus has branched out, merging the man made with the natural environment, creating a shard habitat where opposites converge into a new visual vocabulary.

Born in Switzerland and completed studies with a MA in Sculpture at the Yale University School of Art in New Haven Connecticut. He is currently Associate Professor of Fine Arts in Sculpture at Haverford College, Haverford, Pennsylvania.